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6 weeks - 24 months

A fall and summer program is designed for children six weeks to five years of age who need full-time quality care in a cheerful, loving environment. An age appropriate curriculum is used to enhance daily activities. All children between the ages of 2 – 4 are automatically enrolled in the preschool program from 8:15 – 11:45 a.m. Childcare hours are available from 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. five days a week.


6 weeks to 12 months


Infants (ages 6 weeks to 6 months), Crawlers (ages 6 to 12 months), and Toddlers (ages 12 to 24 months) must add their name to the childcare waiting list before they can register. Infants and crawlers are moved to the next room as they are developmentally ready. Parents will be contacted when space for their child is available.

(6 weeks to 4 months)

Our infant room is designed with safety, comfort, and low stress.  The room is highlighted with color that calms, and caretakers provide a constant routine.  The comforts of home were in mind when we designed this room for infants.  Each infant has his or her own crib and cubby shelves for a home away from home.  We are able to provide sheets, blankets, and bibs or you can, the choice is yours.  Rockers and chairs are available should you need to use one.  If you’d like to nurse your infant, we want you to know we support you.  Once your child is 5 months of age we encourage you to visit our Little Movers Room, for infants 6 months old and older.

(4/5 months to 12 months)

We see some big differences in physical and social development, the need for intellectual stimulation, and self-expression.  Sitting with little or no assistance, crawling, pulling up, and exploring the volume of their voices is some of what we see when we peek in our Litter Movers Room.  A pull-up bar with a mirror advances self-expression, more high chairs, and age-appropriate toys are among the extras in this room that will enrich your child’s classroom experience.


12 months to 24 months

(12 - 15 months)

We feel privileged if we have the pleasure of celebrating your child’s first birthday, first steps, and first waves (“bye-bye”) with you and your family. The ratio in this room is excellent, 3 children work with one adult.  First Steppers continues the routine from the Little Movers Room of two naps a day; however, the children learn to sleep on the required nap mat as opposed to cribs.  The First Stepper toddler sits at a table in an age appropriate chair.  We still use bottles while we invite the use of sippy cups.  Art work, gym time, music appreciation, as well as daily strolls in the stroller are routine in this classroom.

(16 months - 19 months)

Little Climbers marks the beginning of the older toddler class in our childcare program.  Children are down to one nap a day and by January we begin introducing the process of drinking from Dixie cups!  The class size grows to 4 children for every one adult.  We have art and music in the children’s everyday schedule as well as Circle Time.  Gym visits, buggy rides, walking adventures, and even yoga are included in this class’s weekly activities.

(20 months to 24 months)

By the end of May most children in this class are two or will be in the coming summer months.  Shapes, textures, colors, seasons, are focused in the lesson plans of the teachers in Big Runners.  Our P.E. instructor visits in this classroom 3 times a week and our yoga instructor visits once a week.  Eight children are learning independence and responsibility.  Eating with spoons, washing hands in the class restroom, getting out their own backpacks are tasks we encourage children to perform on their own. 

(22 months - birthdays after Sept. 30th)

Children who have a “late” birthday, meaning they were born after September 30th (according to the Rapides Parish school system) thrive in this class, which is preparation for the 2 year old preschool class.  Usually by January of the next year, all of the students in this class have turned 2 and they are introduced to the activities and classes in Two-Year-Old program.  The playground, chapel, and preschool activities require a child to be 2; the children in this class transition to these new experiences with great ease.

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