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Pre-K 2, Pre-K 3, & Pre-K 4

The preschool has long been a part of the children’s ministries at First United Methodist Church. Our two year old and three year old programs are taught by teachers who are skilled in educating young children. They are taught by certified teachers when possible. Preschool hours are 8:15 – 11:45 a.m. five days a week. The preschool follows the Rapides Parish School calendar. Early morning care hours may be added for an additional fee.

Preschoolers who are not already enrolled in full-time childcare may attend Early Morning for an additional daily fee. Early Morning is from 7:30 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.


The Summer Fun program is designed to offer a preschool program during the months of June, July and/or August. It is offered two, three, or five days a week from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. 


(turns 2 by Sept. 30th)

Our preschool program is designed to help two-year-olds learn the basics, such as letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and vocabulary words. Curiosity is what drives a toddler to explore her environment, expanding her sense of world.  Each classroom has learning centers, which focus on art, the senses, social skills, home living, and reading.  We teach students to eat from a spoon and drink from a cup, walk in a straight line down the hall, wash their own hands, and, when you’re ready, we begin potty training with your toddler.   We limit enrollment to 9 children per classroom.

(turns 3 by Sept. 30th)

In this preschool program children learn basic math concepts, science, language development, reading, writing, and listening skills in our well-designed lessons.  Teachers and students cook once a week to celebrate a themed week of learning.  Confidence, friendship, self-control, caring and sharing are character developments we focus on throughout the school year.  We limit enrollment to 10 children in each classroom.

(turns 4 by Sept. 30th)

The Pre-K 4 program is designed to have children graduate and thrive in Kindergarten and the larger school system.  We have one Pre-K 4 class of, at most, 15 students with a certified Pre-K teacher and a teacher’s aide. This program follows the Frog Street curriculum, preparing children for reading.  PreK4 focuses heavily on language and handwriting skills.  Language:  mastering letters, sounds, putting letter together, sounding out words, identifying sight words and forming small sentences. There is also a large portion of math with addition, subtraction, measurements and graphing that takes place.  Pre-K 4 also covers some fun Science lessons! 


Offered five days a week. At least three performances are given  throughout the school year. Gross motor skills as well as team concepts are  necessary in the execution of this activity. 


First United Methodist incorporates a "whole-language"  approach as our Spanish classes reflect what is currently being taught in our  curriculum. Students are introduced to words and songs in Spanish in an effort to  gain confidence and familiarity with a second language. 


Occurs every Tuesday. All preschool classes meet in the  sanctuary and listen to the First United  Methodist Pastor speak about a Christian value that can  assist in the character development of young children. 


Taught every Wednesday to each class. Godly Play is a  method for teaching children how Bible stories connect with your child's experiences and relationship with goodness. Godly Play respects the innate  spirituality of children and encourages curiosity and imagination in experiencing  the mystery and joy of faith. 

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